Salma Abdo, a filmmaker and PR specialist based in Cologne, Germany, contributes to creating and developing media content for LGBTQI+ safer spaces and marginalized groups, emphasizing empowerment, participatory placemaking, and diversity inclusion.

Salma, originally from Syria, is now a filmmaker and producer in Germany, focusing on media that promotes political participation, safe spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, placemaking, and empowerment.

In recent years, they have been instrumental in amplifying marginalized voices in German pro-democracy and anti-racist discussions. Drawing from personal experiences of xenophobia, their work serves as a creative antidote to societal struggles, aiming to include diverse perspectives in today’s discourse.

Salma’s journey in media production began at 12 years old in Damascus, working on film sets with family members. This early exposure led to specialization in post-production and further honing skills through internships in video production and sound design. From Syria to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey, and now Germany, they have continually expanded their professional and personal skill set, including project management, graphic and sound design, and media conceptualization.